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The Darpan Laboratory has been carrying out within a cooperative structure that comprises Diagnostic Centre ,Blood Collection Centre ,Pathology Labs ,Laboratory Testing For Micro Biological and Secure Platform Laboratories.

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The Darpan Laboratory is backed by a workforce of our team who are motivated to do their job well along with a human touch. It is emphasized that behind every sample and report there is a person who has reposed their trust in us for their diagnosis and treatment. Each and every patient is given personalized care by our team of doctors and all records along with the trends are maintained with us.

The doctors & patients are informed immediately in case of alert reports or an abnormal change in the trends.

Great emphasis is laid on Quality & Accuracy of Testing. The laboratory also uses the latest technology with state of the art equipment.


To become the first choice in Diagnostics Centre, Blood Collection Centre and Pathology Labs service provider for customers in all the markets that we operate in.


Darpan Diagnostic Centre has been a very valuable addition to our physician, providing prompt and easy access to diagnostic laboratory services for patients and physicians. They provide reliable reporting and are responsive to individual requests. I would not hesitate to recommend Darpan Diagnostics for anyone interested in quality laboratory services.

I have been working with various labs over the years and have not found better customer service, positive patient feedback, willingness to negotiate prices, ability to offer technical support and answer my questions and help me determine the best testing, and quick turn-around than with Darpan Laboratory.

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